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Online ticket pre-purchase

There is a pre-purchase option for residents and landowners to pre-purchase tickets online via our website. 

These pre-purchased tickets (for vehicles less than 6 metres) are not holding space on a ferry for a specific date or time and can be used on any departure within 365 days from the date of purchase. The ticket will be for return travel commencing from Kettering.

You may also purchase a 10 Trip Return ticket that can be pre-purchased online and used on any departure within 365 days from the date of purchase.

For instructions on how to pre-purchase online, view the Online Pre-Purchase Ticket Guide.

Bruny Island Resident and Landowner Sticker Renewal

In January 2021, we processed all completed applications received. We also contacted applicants who need to supply further information to complete their application. Vehicle stickers were issued along with single use ferry discount passes that you can pass on to family and friends. 

SeaLink will commence cancelling outdated Blue stickers from 5 March 2021.

If you have any outstanding matters in this process could you please contact us using our customer contact form below, enter your details in the fields so we can follow up with you.

Renewal Process?

You can easily apply here for Resident applications

Landowner applications and Resident Rental applications must include a copy of your current rates notice or rental agreement, your driver's licence and your car registration as part of this application process.

Bruny Island Ferry Reference Committee

The Bruny Island Ferry Reference Committee is established to represent the Community in working with SeaLink as we improve services.

The Ferry Reference Committee meeting minutes and communications are available on our website. The Ferry Reference Committee is helping SeaLink guide decision making around infrastructure changes, renewal of vessels and improvements to schedules and the Committee helps us to communicate with community formally.

If you would like to provide us with your feedback at anytime about the content on this website or your user experience, please email us at [email protected].

Ferry Travel Safety Messages

Safety Procedure Update: Please note, everyone using the ferry should refer to the safety brief provided with your ticket. Your safety is very important to us. The vessel Master is in control of your vessel and on-board safety. We must ask you to abide by operating procedures with regard to staying in your vehicle during ferry crossings.

Your safety is of the utmost importance when travelling with us. Please take notice of the following ferry travel conditions:

  • If you have a physical disability or serious illness that limits your ability to climb the stairs from the vehicle deck you need to remain in your vehicle during the ferry crossing, please inform us at the time of booking or at check-in. 
  • Assistance is available with loading your vehicle should you require it.
  • No BYO alcohol is allowed to be consumed on board whilst sailing (either on deck or within your car).

It is vital that you adhere to crew instructions on board the ferries. Allocated passenger areas/lounges are available on the Parrabah and Nairana ferries. 

If sea-sickness is a concern, it is best to travel at the rear of the ferry. 

If you have any concern about safety on board our vessels please complete the contact form below.

Now Serving Coffee, Hot Breakfast and Lunch at Kettering

The Gateway Information Centre Café and the Roberts Point Café are important parts of the experience of travelling on the ferries. The cafés connect the island services and we support both businesses where we can. If you are able please grab a coffee and frequent and enjoy these businesses and the staff who operate them.

Want to stay up to date?

In many of our locations, SeaLink has a mailing list and telephone number lists, where we send emergency or information updates to you about;

  • Ferry service changes in extreme weather
  • Ferry news
  • Special offers
  • Important information about ferry services

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