Since June 2018, SeaLink has received a number of questions from residents, landowners and others interested in our ferry services commencing on 23 September 2018. The answers to the most frequently asked questions are published below.


How is SeaLink engaging with the Bruny Island community?

SeaLink is working together with the community to ensure locals benefit from an improved ferry service that delivers greater capacity and certainty into the future.

As part of this engagement a Bruny Island Ferry Reference Group has been established to work through a variety of practical questions about the service. The Reference Group includes representation from the community, Kingborough Council, SeaLink and the Department of State Growth, and is meeting regularly during the transition phase. 

In consultation with Government, tourism operators and the local community, SeaLink has developed a staged plan to transition to the SeaLink Bruny Island service, and will work closely with the Reference Group at each stage.

SeaLink has also launched the official website for the service which is the best place to find up to date information about the service. Information about the Reference Group, including membership and communiques are available on the website.

SeaLink is also actively engaging in local community in person and online. This has been achieved by hosting a series of street corner meetings at various locations on Bruny Island as well as directly engaging with the community through their existing Facebook Groups. SeaLink is also responding in a timely manner to enquiries received through its website, email address and Facebook Page.

How will the new service benefit residents?

The SeaLink service will ultimately increase ferry frequency and reduce time spent on water. The service will also have improved customer service at Gateway terminals and on-board vessels with the introduction of a passenger lounge.

Once introduced, the booking system will provide travel certainty by allowing ferry users to guarantee their departure time (especially in peak periods) as opposed to lining up and waiting for a space to become available. 


What are the fares for the SeaLink Bruny Island service?

The full details of the visitor fare structure are published on the SeaLink Bruny Island website. Resident and landowner fares will remain the same for the first 12 months of operation.

What is the fare for ‘walk on’ passengers?

‘Walk on’ passengers will continue to travel free of charge and will not need to book their travel. Any proposed changes to fares in future will be provided to the Transport Commissioner for consideration.

Will there be discounted fares for friends and family of permanent residents?

SeaLink will offer periodic incentives for friends and family of Bruny Island residents and landowners. 

Resident / Landowner Registration

Who is eligible for resident / landowner fares? 

Permanent residents and temporary residents (for example residential tenants with a fixed term tenancy agreement), and landowners will all be eligible for the resident / landowner fare. Eligibility for resident and landowner fares is specified in the contract and is intended to match the current arrangements.

Is the resident / landowner fare attached to the vehicle or the individual?

A booking is generally attached to the vehicle, however verification of resident / landowner status will be by the individual.

Residents will be required to submit an application form with a copy of the following documents:

  • Driver’s licence AND
  • Vehicle Registration Document AND
  • a utility bill and rental agreement OR 
  • a Council Rates Notice.

Residents may register an unlimited number of vehicles.

Landowners (who do not reside on Bruny Island) will be required to submit an application form with a copy of the following documents:

  • Driver’s Licence AND
  • Vehicle Registration Document AND
  • a Council Rates notice.

Landowners may register up to 3 vehicles.

How do I register to receive resident / landowner fares?

Kingborough Council will make contact with eligible residents and landowners with information about how to register for resident / landowner fares. In the interim, if there are any queries or concerns about resident / landowner registration please contact SeaLink directly. 

For the first 90 days of the new service, SeaLink will honour the existing Resident and Bruny Island stickers to allow plenty of time for residents and landowners to transition to the new system.