In consultation with Government, tourism operators and the local community, we have formed a 4-stage plan as we commence ferry operations from Kettering to Roberts Point. SeaLink will continue to consult with community and Government via the Bruny Island Ferry Reference Group to improve ferry service provision for all travel customers as we move through these stages.

Stage One

In response to our consultation with the community, SeaLink are operating more services than ever before and will increase the number of services as required. Due to the slipping of the Mirambeena in July our ferry schedules have had change but we will operate a comprehensive schedule of services, outlined in the timetable attached. 

We have reissued all Bruny Island Resident and Landowner stickers. If you are a new resident or landowners you will be able to complete the appropriate documentation here to receive your resident/landowner stickers. Register online.

Stage Two

To assist in managing demand and reducing wait times to board ferries, from November 2018 we will be introducing light fares on selected ferry departures from Kettering and new standard fares on other services. There will be no changes to resident fares. During this phase we will be working with customers who regularly travel with heavy vehicles and freight to ensure we provide the best solutions for their travel.

SeaLink will introduce online ticket sales from July 2019. Residents, landowners and visitors will be able to pre-purchase individual tickets and 10 trip pass tickets online and eventually through ticket agents. This will speed up the check in process as more customers prepay their ferry trip.

SeaLink has worked with the Ferry Reference Committee on a resident/landowner Bruny Island Club program and issued more than 1800 family and friends’ vouchers for travel prior to December 2019. SeaLink plan to undertake onboard research to provide insight into the on-board experience, satisfaction, timetables and whether users of the ferry will use pre-purchased ticketing.

We will continue to work with Government on land-side infrastructure developments and improvements to the land-side infrastructure.

Early in 2019 SeaLink announced the building of two new vessels for the Bruny Island service to be built in Tasmania.

Stage Three

Subject to the outcomes of stage two and working with the Ferry Reference Committee SeaLink will introduce a trial for some pre-booked services on selected ferries for visitors, Bruny Island residents and landowners.  Notice will be provided and it will only be optional to book.

During this phase residents will benefit by pre-booking as they will receive the incentive on fares. Various booking agents may also be introduced. The booking system trial will only occur in line with improvements to land-side infrastructure. The timing on this will be confirmed as we move through these stages.

Stage Four

The first of the two new vessels will commence on the route in early 2020.

We envisage that the findings of the market research will be finalised and subject to the outcomes of a trial booking system and community response, a pre-arranged ticketing and/or booking system may be opened for all services.

If you have any queries, please check our Frequently Asked Questions page or do not hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected].

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