Terms of Reference

On 28 June 2018 the SeaLink Travel Group Ltd was awarded a contract to provide the Bruny Island Ferry Service for the 10 year period commencing 23 September 2018. The new contract involves some material changes to the service that has operated for the past 20 years.

At a community meeting held on 8 July 2018 to discuss the new ferry contract there was support to establish a Bruny Island Ferry Reference Group, with representation from community, businesses, SeaLink and the State Government.


The primary purpose of the Reference Group is to provide a single point of contact to work to address a range of concerns about the delivery of services for all users of the ferries under the new contract. 

Initially, the role of the Reference Group will focus on matters related to transition to the new SeaLink-operated service, including (but not limited to) the introduction of a booking system, timetables and scheduling, communication with the Bruny Island community and infrastructure requirements. 

A primary role of the Reference Group is to ensure the Bruny Island community is provided consistent and factual information about the new ferry service. Members are to ensure community groups are provided with all relevant information arising from meetings of the Reference Group. 

Specifically, the objectives of the Reference Group are to: 

  1. Ensure that SeaLink provides all ferry users (including residents, local businesses, landowners, service providers and visitors) with a service that is at least as good as the service provided prior to 23 September 2018; 
  2. Ensure SeaLink meets community, visitor and business demand for Ferry Service frequency and standard of service; 
  3. Ensure Government and Industry contracts meet expectation and service KPIs; 
  4. Ensure freight issues and management are controlled within safety and OH&S guidelines and/or provided within community demand; 
  5. Enable Community Events, School Events and other community event needs, that require transport support an opportunity to discuss their activity with the Group and appropriate planning is undertaken in advance; 
  6. Identify facility and Infrastructure development; 
  7. Support and create opportunity for tourism development on Bruny Island; 
  8. Enable community consultation for transport service changes, timetables, booking changes etc; 
  9. Enable community consultation on Behaviour Management on-board vessels particularly in relation to smoking, alcohol and violence; and 
  10. Enable community engagement for the employment of community members. 

Membership of the Reference Group includes the following individuals, with the role of individual members being to represent the interests of the Bruny Island community: 

  • Trevor Adams (Chair) 
  • Mathew Fagan 
  • Richard Clarke 
  • Paul Davis 
  • Lindon Haigh 
  • Siobhan Gaskell 
  • Bernice Woolley 
  • Kingborough Council 
  • SeaLink 
  • Transport Commission 

The Reference Group will hold its first meeting on 13 July 2018, and will meet regularly (as required) during the transition period. Post service commencement the Reference Group will meet quarterly. All meetings will be held on Bruny Island. 


Post service commencement, the Reference Group will have an ongoing advisory role to SeaLink with respect to the ongoing provision of the service and engagement with the Bruny Island community. As transitional and ongoing operational issues are likely to differ, membership of the Reference Group and these Terms of Reference should be reviewed for continued applicability post completion of the transition to the new service. 


Meeting Minutes