Terms of Reference - Updated 23 January 2020


The Bruny Island ferry service provides a key link for residents, landowners, local business owners and holidaymakers travelling to and from Bruny Island.

The Transport Commission contracts for the provision of the Bruny Island ferry service. 

In June 2018, following a competitive tender process, the Transport Commission awarded SeaLink Tasmania Pty Ltd (SeaLink) the contract to provide the Bruny Island ferry service for at least the next ten years. SeaLink commenced operation of the ferry service on 23 September 2018.

Purpose and Objectives 

The Bruny Island Ferry Reference Group was established in July 2018 following the Bruny Island community expressing a desire to have a single point of contact to direct all of their ferry related questions and concerns.

The Ferry Reference Group was established to be the primary mechanism by which Bruny Island community members can raise any ferry-related concerns and seek suitable solutions.

The Ferry Reference Group is an advisory body which acts as a conduit between SeaLink and the Bruny Island community. Specifically, the role of Ferry Reference Group members is to:

  • bring forward ideas, initiatives and issues on behalf of the community,
  • Represent the community’s position on matters regarding the ferry service,
  • consider matters put to it by SeaLink regarding the ferry service and provide a balanced response in contemplation of the needs of the resident, landowner, local business, and visitor stakeholder groups, and
  • provide the community with factual and consistent information on the ferry service as discussed during meetings.

The Bruny Island Ferry Reference Group - Procedural Protocols 


The Reference Group comprises the following members:

  • Trevor Adams (Chair) 
  • Mathew Fagan 
  • Paul Davis 
  • Lindon Haigh 
  • Siobhan Gaskell 
  • Bernice Woolley
  • Alan Gulyas
  • Kingborough Council 
  • SeaLink 
  • Transport Commission 

Meetings will be held quarterly, or as otherwise required.

Unless otherwise decided, all meetings will be held on Bruny Island. Meetings will only be open to Ferry Reference Group members.

Unless otherwise decided, before each scheduled meeting the Ferry Reference Group will hold a community forum to allow community members to present issues or ask questions directly to SeaLink and the Ferry Reference Group. When these community events are scheduled, an effort will be made to rotate meetings between different venues on Bruny Island to maximise the opportunity for community members to attend.

The Department of State Growth will provide secretariat support for the Ferry Reference Group until the delivery of the second ferry. This includes responsibility for preparing and distributing meeting agendas, minutes and communiques.

Meeting minutes and communiques will be approved by the Ferry Reference Group out of session via email, to allow prompt publication of the minutes and communique.


The minutes and communiques will be made publically available on SeaLink’s website.

The Department of State Growth will maintain a question and answer section on the Transport website to address repeat questions and key concerns.

Ferry Reference Group members will ensure that following each meeting, relevant information is:

  1. Submitted to the Bruny News
  2. Circulated to community groups for posting on their websites or emailing to their members
  3. Posted on the Bruny Notices, Bruny Island Community Noticeboard, Bruny Island Ferry Queue and Bruny Network Facebook Pages and the Bruny Network website.

Other communication methods may be determined from time to time.

The Terms of Reference and membership will next be reviewed in January 2021.


Meeting Minutes